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Decking Cleaning Fife

Many homeowners in Scotland have had decked areas installed as a garden feature over the last 20 years. The decking is usually soft or hardwood and is often treated with decking oil at the point of installation to help protect it.

Although decking will generally occupy an area that may have previously been laid to lawn and will help to cut down on garden maintenance, it does have a few problems of its own. On north facing and damp shaded areas in particular it can attract the growth of moss and algae and become quite slippery at times.

The most important thing with decking maintenance is some aspect of regular cleaning. It does not have to be too intensive, but a gentle pressure wash of the wood will always help to stop algae and moss growing back too quickly.

If the wood has become very dirty over time, we have decking cleaning equipment that will clean the surface of the wood without making any marks. We can also apply a good quality decking oil to help protect it further.

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Our decking cleaning  and decking oiling service is available for homeowners in Fife and surrounding towns. Ask for a FREE quote by calling 01333 428236 or 07522 289546. You can also send your enquiry in writing by completing our online form.